The Palmyra Hook & Ladder Company was registered with the state of Nebraska on September 16th 1912


In 1951  the rural fire joined The Palmyra Hook & Ladder company at the time they where both house in separate buildings

1952 village fire house


The Palmyra Hook& Ladder Company station

Still Standing down at the farmers coop

1952 rual fire house


The Palmyra Rural Fire station

still standing behind the library on 5th street

Officers of the 1912 fire department

President: G.W. Bouck

Vice Pres: A.F. Hatfield

Chief: Chas. Monroe

Sub. Chief: Wm. Ramsey

Secretary: E.B Coe

Treasurer: Wm. Vaughan

The Meeting was held Tuesday evening at the Ramsey’s barber shop

The fire department started with $600 worth of equipment



Palmyra Hook & Ladder Company